• 2013:
    - SETS in collaboration with ECIL has developed beta version of ITMA(Integrated Threat Management Appliances) for NKN (National Knowledge Network) nodes.

  • 2012:
    - SETS has developed a PC-based prototype for DoSMigitationSystem(DMS) that works upto the speed of 10Gbps

  • 2011:
    - SETS in collaboration with QUT, Australia and IITM completed the project on Protecting Critical Infrastructure fromDenial of Service Attacks:Tools, Technology and Policy

  • 2009:
    - SETS in collaboration with IITM designed and developed a hardware based Denial of Service (DoS) Detection and Mitigation Unit.

  • 2008:
    - SETS has designed a strength assessment tool for block and stream cipher.
    - SETS was invited by Planning Commission of TN to provide specialized inputs on IT and Information Security

  • 2007:
    - SETS has designed a secure Work-Flow software for SITAR , a Govt. of India, IC fab in       Bangalore.
    - SETS has established a lab to evaluate cryptographic algorithm against Differential Power Analysis attack.

  • 2006:
    - SETS formulated IT security policy for the currency printing wing of RBI (BRBNMPL).

  • 2005:
    - SETS in collaboration with ECIL developed a Bulk Encryption Unit for Sensitive Commercial applications that handles traffic speed upto 2 Mbps.

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